“The Passion is the most important Element which we can Push it Foward – in Love, in Art, in Life, in All.”

Passion and Joy. So, we can describe in a few words on “Fanica Balan” (39) – “Fane” for the close ones. He’s in love with the nature, by everything is Beautiful, Life, Light and it works with much grace, simplicity and devotion to express himself in a piece of wood, stone, marble or just a piece of cloth. Talent for design and the sculpture was in the first years of life.

Article by: Camelia Moga (2012) –  Review and translation by: ExpoArt  (February, 2017)

He’s improved the Technique to School of Art from Piatra Neamt, under the guidance of a renowned professor of sculpture, but has continued to be a Genius. “I always followed what I felt from the inside, as we have been inspired”, says “Fane”. Did not want to let themselves be influenced by templates and copy the style of other artists, although there were voices which told that it gets very close to the style of Constantin Brancusiin the works they he do.

When you have discovered the passion for sculpture, for the art in general?

Within my remembrance, I felt attracted by the Nature, by everything what is Beautiful, Life, Light. And I realized that I must manifest in a certain way, I felt that must create something. I like me to manifest, within Creator Style. I felt this way from childhood, when I was 3 years. All childhood, I liked very much to walk the creek “Umbrari”, in “Tibucani” beside  “Piatra Neamt”. I liked the stones sanded. Walking 3 hours, elect stones which they came home. I was very excited by them, I liked their form stoppers. I do not believe I saw that somewhere, because I was in an environment quite broke away from the world cultural, artistic, especially when there was no internet. Neither did not know what it is that the sculpture, but I was attracted, wanted me to pinch, give these forms beautiful images on which they felt and i appreciate very much.

I started to tell me how I could do a sculpture. But the possibility of would carve itself, to express myself in this way, was offered later. Until then, I began to draw. I liked very much art iconographic aesthetics. I started to draw it after the icons, to paint iconografie. I have practiced very much to the drawing and it helped me very much for later. I have a passion for plants and for any is old and has a certain footprint, a certain aura – old book, the icon old, old coins. They got me always these things. And, slowly, slowly, having regard passion for such things, I started to get involved and to work. I finished school and then I went to the School of the Art Institute of Piatra Neamt.

I learned the sculpture with a very good teacher – Silviu Bejan. I was and teacher and parent spiritual. I have tied a friendship of the soul with him, which exists now only that he is gone in America. No longer communicate very much with him, but remained a connection. I was very good at what I was doing. I do not want to be a praise, but making them from passion, things I were very easy, in comparison with other colleagues who were making efforts to leave them something. Work relaxd, quiet and I were all very well.

He made the Faculty of Arte Professor said to me, “Go, preparation, if you want to go to college”. I said “No, I am a gifted, I am not interested in if it is to take the faculty shall, if not, no”. I have given in the first year, without any preparation, without anything, and I got a low grade. Did not Have Any then. I said to myself that no longer form the faculty and very well I did, from my point of view and may and others. From that moment I said to myself that I will do exactly what I feel, I do not need a certain direction date by others, of certain templates. Being in a faculty you are mislead something, you shall impose a specific style and, without you want, after 4-5 for many years you copy someone at a time. I always followed what I felt from the inside, as we have been inspired by it. Have not tried to change anything at all. Even at a sketch or work I tried to get linking the art of which shall be made at this time. I tried to do what they are, what sense. Slowly, slowly we got and I trust and the world he showed me that i value, that we have talent. I offer the world gives me and grow. And this is an extraordinary thing.

How do you feel on the inside to do the sculpture which follows to give him life?

The inspiration comes in moments when you least expect it. It is not something programd. When you feel you enter in a specific status, you have a specific vision of what to do. I manage to materializez a certain mood and manage to do this as simple. I do not want to complicate nothing, have to infrumusetez or bibilesc something, but he is and how would I freeze a feeling, a fluid which, chiling him, at a given moment takes shape. A living. Me At the time of construction is not only the moment of execution, e joy. Pleasure to do anything. For example, I carved at a given moment an Indian holy, known as Babaji. I had a dream in which she came to me, m-blessed, I placed his hand on his head and I went to a special status. We have looked into his eyes and I have communicated without words. And it looks as they say – with a face more elongated shape, bright, with a long, dark hair and an explosion of lights around his head. And then, with the joy that I had in the soul, has worked more than him than I am. We worked together.

Nor do I ask how much time do a work. I am not tired. Enforceability, give way. And when it happens, it happens. To finish and one day if they are very eagerly. I think I have exceeded this barrier of the time. The greater the passion, so you are more timeless and you should beat the time and to render more than what you feel. The passion is the most important element which can pushed forward into something – and in love and in the art and in life, in all. If you do not have the passion to live and not to live.

How many exhibitions you have done so far?

Two. In Piatra Neamt. I have had small exhibitions in Germany, but not necessarily because we wanted i, it happened on request. I was offered and I said yes. I did not want to come out on the market, but it happens at a given moment, and I will not go back. I will have to introduce the works of the whole world, if necessary, with joy, trust and dignity.

Many of your work take you thought of sculptures by Constantin Brancusi…

I do not have had contact with his work Brancusi than near the high school. I had access to information. When I discovered on the Brancusi, I had already been a series of sketches, even an attempt to sculpture, technique. I was afraid at the beginning, I said to myself that I too high likeness. I had a tiny piece of work which it modelasem and gave up at her because she was with Prayer Brancusi’s. Had never seen her before. I got scared and said “What am I to do now?”. I read the biography and I discovered the very fact that as a child he went and took the stones in evil, and liked…and I was shocked and more loudly. We are like very much and that the drumming. When I read the story of his life, i identified with him. When he was on him, as though I were those things, and they lived with the intensity. And he was still Aquarius, like me, plus certain feelings, certain visions. I do not know precisely what that means nor do I care, it is important that the message which must send and I bring happiness. I am not an imitator of Brancusi, even in a case, although I have met people who have told me – “That’s his work Brancusi, have you ever done something to her…”. There is no problem. I don’t mind, because I know the truth and I can pull down such a situation.

What themes are to be found in what you do, by what you speak more?

There are a few essential themes to me. Right from the start I had a strong link with the theme of maternity. E that joy the beginning, is the essence of things in maternity and i even this theme in a series of work. The theme of flight on which again we met in very many works of Constantin Brancusi have it in several works carried out. In general, it is about those emotions is essential, – the primordial love, ascension joy, the joy of birth. I have searched for only one side of the positive terminal of the human, but of the entire. I never denied pain, which is the suffering of falling – I did Icarul-, suffering before the joy – in the work of the prayer or abandonment, Flight or broken into bondage – the inability to be in total freedom to fly, not physically, but of living freedom. I have not avoided nothing, I left to run it all.

How do you choose the materials? What makes you to choose a specific type of wood, stone and marble?

Feel them. Certain topics, certain feelings argue you to find suitable equipment. E intuition. For example, to wood are very important his texture, weight, hue, when you want to render something. And I think that you choose and wood in itself, chooses the theme, and in the end it was supposed to be the case, you know already. To me it has always according to the theme with the material chosen.

A few examples…

Walnut has extraordinary quality. And vibrational feel it . Each type of the shaft he felt otherwise. The walnut, when you work, I let daltii. Is a fairly loudly, but he has the plasticity, gives you permission to adjust very nice. On the other types of wood is very difficult, serve more to the sanding, of flex. Depending on the shape of the work and theme they choose a material for sanding, more, or for worked more to chisel. Depends on the shape of the. And so you choose and the color and texture and the quality of the wood.

In stone and marble i work all types of work. I have done more than the sculpture realistic, busts, statues increase in space and even abstract sculpture. I have not worked very much in marble, though I like it. There are many varieties of marble in which I could express very nice, but I did not enough money for investments in this time. But in future I will choose what I will inspire, what you believe that it lends itself to a work. The sculpture in the wood to do there is an exaggerated expenditure to may not have all the time material. But the marble, m would cost 10 million only a transport, to bring me one single piece. As for the rest, i would deal with the same courage and enthusiasm any type of material. I can express and in the hammer. Modelajul have very well. I did and modeling in clay. Modelajul is much more easily than a chisel. I broach the sculpture directly, as a sketch directly into the material. Did it happen that you do not refer to me out. When, what I have seen while in the most of the artists, make the layouts to scale, pour in the cast and then he took hold of the sculpture in itself.
I did, for example, the bust of Dimitrie Leonida in Neamt county. He has dedicated himself a museum to 50 years after the first hidrocentrala in Romania that has been designed by him and on the occasion of what we did the bust of. It worked well, was very appreciated and there is the entry into a museum.

You and other public works?
We have a work on the Franciscan Institute of the Romanian. It was a different matter. Came to the manager and said “do me a Yaisuah, then do me and the Holy One…”. I did them separately, then we whey. It was more at the beginning, now about 10-15 years. There was no bad, but it could have been better if they know how to talk about all of his work as a whole, to clot much better.
I have more work on the two meters, marble executed, even a statue of Stefan the Great, but do not know where they are exactly. I have not received i direct commands to enforceability, they came through the others nor do they told me where it fitted, what do I do with them…

In which of the materials you like to work more than that?
Any type of material. I am delighted to work in any kind of material. To wood i like nucul in particular because he feel any different and you can address in several ways. But all types of wood are specific. The marble staircase is much more difficult a bit to tackle, but you the joy at the end that grinding, light, White that rewards you for work lodged.
In addition to the sculpture, another great passion of your plants are…
The passion for plants was born a date with me and with the art they make. Crazy of passion for plants. And I don’t. I could not find a cure for this passion. Not Doing anything from them. I simply joy. Bring them near me, they grow, I am glad of them and ii glad and others with them.

About what kind of plants is talking about medicinal plants and flowers, trees?
More ornamental trees. The one who I am glad and delight me very much is Magnolia flower with her. I would go mad. I had the passion and for roses, and for fruit trees. For the classification of vine varieties again I have a passion very high. Being the passion, you want and set. And we have been doing a kit with all types of plants. I have them, surrounding me, visit daily, I go, concerning them, the unification of them.
I ‘talk’?
It is a subtle communication and you bring joy. You really bring joy. Sometimes and sadness when they lose, but it has to be accepted that, which is quite natural. I charging. It is closely linked with and art. I think that to me art is a vegetable, somehow. Has something alive in her. I even topics in like that. I have a passion for birds. I when they are small pigeons and I love very much. I have daily contact with all. Are my life.

About the painting….
With the painting I left the church painting. I was very attracted to the Byzantine painting, i really painted in the churches. We have done and restoration. I painted roadside crosses, icons in oil on canvas, icons in the oil on wood, icons in temper. Then the painting realistic, portraits, abstract paintings. I passed by all. The drawing, graphics, portrait in crayon, coal…but sculpture e of inspiration. Even in the painting I did not only the painting interpretive setting. I did all the painting of inspiration. And on that I am inspired, but it is not my point forces. I am not going to give her enough time and enough attention to grow and that part. You do not have time for all of these.
How do you feel that the energy of life, what is going on in the form in which you are a enough?
Passion and joy in two words. The passion directs the joy, gives the form somehow, rounded off her joy. And the joy comes out of love. The word love would not be able to define, abstract is a little bit. But the passion and joy I know what you mean. This common sense. What can push the engine of an artist if you do not the passion to do, to create, to be?!
One can call and divinity, that she is manifested by us. But most simply said these are – the joy and enthusiasm that pushes you to do things. Sometimes I put and I asked “why do that?” that i could do nothing or i could do nothing but make them because they feel joy, make them of passion.

You have thought to give of joy and your passion and others who want to form in the sculpture, paintings, technique?
Yeah, we had the opening. I have been asked that. If they sense that the man he wants, I give him, receives automatically. But if comes and asks me for something that not even he knows what he wants and may not give him. Not trying to offer the technical man. It won’t help him with nothing. May make a school, if he wants to, for the technique. I can give him a part of the excitement of joy. If you have these things you will push for itself. Whether you want or not, you will come to back out of you, expected to what you feel. Many times, too much spoil technical in fact life, essence in itself, the essence of the information they get. It is better to be as most naive, to let things to happen, than to become more complex in thought and more mentally and to lose in essence. Being more selective, do not let thing that should happen to happen to the true.
I don’t consider myself an artist. I do not believe in any way. Do what i do I like to do. I do not want to be recognized as an artist that is not my target. Do so. I believe in what I do, I realized that conveys something and has a message, and do I have been involved to make very many exhibitions and to show the world that are of an artist. Not. I have not at present at the stage of: the joy to do,, do not to show what you are.
At an exhibition in Bucharest you have thought?
“I have not thought as I did nor the previous exhibitions. What if I make a proposal or simply happens, I agree to do it with the greatest pleasure and enjoyment. Wherever she may be, it won’t give it back.

Icoanele pe sticla Transilvanene din secolul XVII – tehnica picturii pe sticla.

Icoana pe sticlă, mai precis icoana pictată pe dosul sticlei, este o categorie a artei populare, un gen al artei populare practicat aproape exclusiv în Transilvania și care trebuie pus în legătură cu unele influențe venite din Europa centrală, pe filiera Bavaria – Austria – Boemia, în cursul sec. XVII și XVIII, precum și cu meșteșugul ceramicii, dar și al sticlei, adus de habani, o sectă religioasă originară din Boemia, venită și stabilită în Transilvania, în părțile Albei mai ales, cam în aceeași epocă”.

Meșteșugul a pătruns în Transilvania prin Mănăstirea Nicula. Arta iconarilor pe sticlă din acest centru se caracte­riza printr-un desen naiv, dar foarte sugestiv, și printr-o compoziție simplă și clară, fără proporții anatomice și de perspectivă, dar echilibrată cromatic. Icoanele se zugrăveau după modele (izvoade), care erau decalcuri pe hârtie făcute cu creionul sau cu o culoare, după icoane mai vechi. Izvodul era scos periodic pentru a se executa câteva lucrări și după aceea era iar pus la păstrare. Un detaliu in­teresant este faptul că icoanele pe sticlă au un chenar, pentru a se ști până unde se întinde icoana (pentru a nu se crede că a fost acoperită de ramă)

În pictura pe sticlă se foloseau culori pregătite manual, de obicei cu pigmenți și ulei de in. Înainte de începerea picturii, sticla era curățată cu atenție de orice pete de grăsime. Această tehnică asigura o rezistență considerabilă și împiedica exfolierea stratului pictural. Sticla folosită la pictură avea o suprafață dură, unduitoare și plină de balonașe de aer, căci trebuie avut în minte că materialul pictorilor era reprezentat de sticla nefolosită, din cauza faptului că era defectuoasă. Defectele sticlei măreau valoarea picturii, deși fără intenție. Acestea reflectau lumina într-un mod neregulat, ceea ce producea efecte speciale.

Sursa: wikipedia

ExpoArt Origini, proiectul si viziune.

De ce arta?

Proiectul are la baza promovarea de arta plastica si a oricarei manifestari artistice unui public online reprezentat de iubitori de arta in general si cei care isi doresc sa-si promoveze lucrari de arta intr-un mod rapid, global si cu costuri minime.

Initiativa pentru realizarea acestui proiect ii apartine lui Radu Stefan Nicolescu, artist plastic. Acesta este absolvent al Universitatii de Arte din Bucuresti fiind devotat conceptului de arta si creativitate in general. El insusi fiind in cautarea unei metode eficiente de promovare a lucrarilor de arta a inceput demararea acestui proiect vrand sa ofere si celorlati artisi un concept web-art eficient si universal. Initiativa vine si in atentia celor care sunt in cautare de arta autentica si cu preturi de inceput, achizitia unei lucrari de arta autentica atrage de la sine un profit in timp.

Deci, practic ExpoArt este un demers al artelor pentru implementare in viata de zi cu zi, pentru cei care vor sa se bucure de vizionarea sau achizitia unei piese de arta, pentru bucuria si energia pe care ti le confera operele de arta si creativitatea ca si concept.

Proiectul a fost demarat pe data de 16.02.2017 si se doreste sa fie interactiv si receptiv

”The Messiah”

”The Messiah” is painted in the year 2010 by Radu Stefan Nicolescu and represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ,  The Son of God,  now more than 2000 years ago.

Artistic Impression of painting is like a rain of energy, is the moment of the sacrifice, is pure Unconditional Divine Supreme Love for the mankind.

This important message transpiring in the paint, in the light, in the forms, is the moment of God inspiration, is a Reborn moment for All Humanity.

Brushing painting it’s  strong  and spectacular.

The light follow the personage; Light painting comes from within, It has no connection to the outside. Light and brushing of painting it is in style of Rembrandt ( classic painter), but very original withal.

The red color represent the energy of God, The Divine Energy Of Life which restore by self-sacrificing the balance of Divine justice. It is a great story of mercy and Divine goodness.

Radu Stefan Nicolescu, Paintings Gallery, January 2017 – Unique 6 Paintings, Rare Edition